Replens MD is available in 3 sizes – 1, 2 and 4 weeks supply.

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Replens MD Vaginal Moisturiser provides immediate alleviation of dryness symptoms and helps replenish vaginal moisture. Replens MD is a clinically proven longer lasting vaginal moisturiser that leaves vaginal tissues hydrated and feeling rejuvenated.

Lasts up to 3 days
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Oestrogen free
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Fragrance free

Compatible with most condoms

(natural rubber latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane)

How does it work?

Step 1:

Replens MD™ Vaginal Moisturiser immediately goes to work providing soothing moisture to dry vaginal cells for long-lasting hydration.

Step 2:

Replens MD™ Vaginal Moisturiser continues to deliver moisture for up to 3 days, helping to replenish moisture to dry vaginal cells by supplementing the body's natural lubrication.

Step 3:

As the cells of the vaginal wall are regenerated, dry cells and Replens product are eliminated from the body naturally. As with dry skin on your face and hands, regular moisturising well help prevent dryness from recurring.

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Replens MD is the clinically tested, number one vaginal moisturiser GP recommended brand*. Apply Replens MD as needed to supplement your body’s natural lubrication to help alleviate the feminine discomfort associated with vaginal dryness. As with dry skin that you experience on your face and hands, regular moisturising treatment with Replens may be necessary to prevent dryness from recurring.

Replens MD is available over-the-counter without a prescription, but has long been recommended by healthcare professionals, making it the number one recommended brand that helps to provide long lasting relief for vaginal dryness.

*GPRX data from July 2014 to June 2015 - Vaginal moisturiser category -UK coverage.

Replens MD Professional

Replens MD is available in:

3 single use prefilled applicators.

6 single use prefilled applicators.

A 35g tube with reusable applicator (which allows up to 12 applications)

Also available in Boots, Lloyds and most independent pharmacies.

*available on prescription.

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